​Ganeshotsav is changing!

Yesterday was Anantchaturdashi. There were huge processions everywhere to send “bappa” home. I never liked these processions. They burst crackers, make a lot of noises, make a mess  and there is overall a huge chaos, was my argument. But what I saw yesterday, changed my view. I had thought that such processions would get worse and worse. Boy I was wrong!

So after the procession went ahead, we saw some people (they looked like they were from some pathak) wearing uniform dresses, with a broom in their hands. Without wasting time, they started dusting and cleaning the place as fast as possible. They made the place as clean as before! 

I saw people writing on Facebook about how Ganeshotsav is worsening day by day and that Lokmanya Tilak would regret had they seen this condition, so I thought I would share what I experienced.


​Interesting shower thoughts- 

1) what if you the earth is a project made by some alien kid that got a grade “C” just for the idea of putting humans on the planet?

2) who named brain “brain” ?

3) maybe there’s some other planet, which has life too. And they are trying to find another planet which has life, just like us?

4) What if pets are more developed than we are? They have highly developed technology and they are here just to help us as they have everything. Maybe they are here with only one condition that they shouldn’t “talk” with us. (Mind=blown)

5) Shouldn’t there be chocolate brownies used as a currency? If that really happens, I’d land in jail under the  charge of पैसे “खाणे” , literally. 😉

Happy birthday Rama!

           First day of 6th standard. A short girl came in our class. At first, we didn’t pay much attention to her. We thought that she was someone from the lower grade. A boy in our class even went ahead and told her, “4th standard class is over there. You’re looking for that, aren’t you?” 
        The class erupted into the laughter as she told she was in this class only. Soon after, she became my friend, and then bestie! Now, being a friend of her, gives me a right to make fun of her. 😉 

         So,  as today’s her b’day, this post is dedicated to her. Happy birthday Rama!

          The most memorable thing I remember about her, is our phone calls! She called me and just kept talking for about half an hour straight, completely ignoring my replies. After she was done, she used to ask, you still there listening? And doesn’t matter if I say “yes” or “no” , she’d still say, “hey, you just don’t listen!” And I would burst into a laughter. 

          Oh, and her laughter was the most dangerous (dare I say!) thing I had ever heard! It was funnier than the original joke! She used to laugh at the most serious moment and it was hard for her to control the laughter. She’d laugh especially when the teacher started scolding. Then it’d be a “task” for everyone around her to control her. 

          Of course, there were a lot of jokes on me, too! She especially made fun of me, when we needed “2” straws for a project, and me being me decided to buy “100” because, of course, you might need SOME extra straws… 

        So, these are some of our inside jokes. Once again, 

Happy birthday Rama!

Why am I an agnostic

I know, this is a completely different topic from the other things I write. But I decided to give it a try anyway. I know it might cause a flood of hateful comments, but I am ready for it.

So yesterday we were talking about our beliefs. Everyone stated their opinions. My grandma said that, yes, there IS undoubtedly a god or a supreme being. My dad said, “The nature is what we call god.” (I somewhat agree with him) , but he further added that he thinks that there is someone who handles all this world. He is the one in charge (god). (I didn’t quite agree with this).

Then I was asked. I delayed response by saying, “I am still thinking about this.” But couldn’t extend it for more than 2 weeks.

Finally, I said, I am an agnostic. When I explained what it meant, came the response, “so you’re somewhere in between”.

I tried explaining that it’s not the case, but couldn’t. So, that’s the reason I am writing this post.

  • Agnostic means someone who does not say that there is god but neither denies it. He just says he doesn’t know and won’t believe it till he does not experience it.
  • Agnostic doesn’t mean being “SOMETHING IN BETWEEN” because you keep the both ends open. You just say that you don’t KNOW STUFF.

You know what, actually, what you believe doesn’t really matter that much, as long as you don’t make them come in between your day-to-day life.

* What I have written is purely what my opinion. No offense!


“Ah, long loved sleep…. I just crave for it, longing, but it just doesn’t come to me that easy. ” , This is a story of every sleep deprived person. They so wish to go back to the “kindergarten times” when they got to sleep in the afternoon. They regret not sleeping well at that time.
But what happens when they ACTUALLY have time to sleep? As in the vacations? Oh well, do they sleep?? You’ve got to be kidding me. WHO DOES THAT?? 
So, what is the solution?











Neither do I know. What did you think?  I am not here to tell you about any magical “pill” or “pillow” (pun intended). What do you even expect from a random girl on the internet??

The trip and the trip to the dentist

It was summer. I was about 10 years old. I used to be the one who does all the weird stuff and thinks, “I am cool! ” So one day I decided that it would be adventurous and cool to climb up the wall of first floor. If I accomplished that, I would be the greatest human being in the world and rule the earth. So why not? I started climbing, somewhat like this.
There comes the villain, asking me what am I doing? Proudly, I told him about my plan to be the greatest human alive and to rule the world. Woe is me! I couldn’t stop myself from telling my plan.
little did I know, He’d get jealous and try to overpower me. He decided to trip me “accidentally”. And he succeeded!
I had to be taken to the dentist….






looking back, I now understand that he wanted democracy and opposed my Imperialism!

​The interview with a kiddo: part I

First of all, I would like to introduce you to my cousin. She doesn’t want to go her name on internet, and as she is young, I’ll call her “kiddo” throughout the interview. She is 10 y.o. and pretty smart. She is so talkative that I always try to get her to let me talk. But this day, I decided to interview her and let her talk and she totally nailed it.

M:me.  K: kiddo

M: So, Hi Kiddo.

K: Hi, so what are we doing? Why are you recording what I am saying? Is this….

M: I am gonna interview you.

K: wow this is gonna be fun. I like interviews and…

M: OK, so tell me  how would you define life?

K: life is a journey in which you come across various landforms like rivers, valleys, mountains, lakes, islands and all those things. And for the music part of my brain, it would mean that life is a piano and you walk through the piano. If the black keys represent sadness and white keys represent happiness, then you have a bunch of both in life. I would also say that life is like an abstract painting, you’ve got everything different than others. So I would like to advise you that live your life the fullest, ’cause you only get to live once.

M: what do you think happens after death?

K: as I said in the first answer, if you have been on the white keys, done good deeds, you get to live in the land of your favorite characters. For girls it would be Cinderella, Rapunzel etc. And for boys it would be cars. And if you have done bad deeds, you get to live with witches and vampires.

M: OK.
The interview doesn’t end here. Actually the interview was of 10 mins and 14 secs. So I decided to make it into parts. Please tell me if you like this so that I can do more like these.

PS- I swear my cousin, herself gave these answers. She is mature for her age.