The trip and the trip to the dentist

It was summer. I was about 10 years old. I used to be the one who does all the weird stuff and thinks, “I am cool! ” So one day I decided that it would be adventurous and cool to climb up the wall of first floor. If I accomplished that, I would be the greatest human being in the world and rule the earth. So why not? I started climbing, somewhat like this.
There comes the villain, asking me what am I doing? Proudly, I told him about my plan to be the greatest human alive and to rule the world. Woe is me! I couldn’t stop myself from telling my plan.
little did I know, He’d get jealous and try to overpower me. He decided to trip me “accidentally”. And he succeeded!
I had to be taken to the dentist….






looking back, I now understand that he wanted democracy and opposed my Imperialism!

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