A letter to malala

​I recently read the book “I am malala” and got inspired by that. I wrote a letter to malala yusufzai, but couldn’t post as I don’t know her postal address. Anyways, I decided to post the letter here. Hopefully, she’ll stumble upon here, and read this. This letter is edited version of original letter.

Dear malala,

Hello, how are you? I am a 14 years old girl from India. I read your book “I am malala” and found it interesting. I found it awesome that you fought for your and other girls’ basic right of education. I am so fascinated by your work, that I have made a poster about your work for our school’s Phalak Sajawat competition. Phalak Sajawat competition is our school’s competition. In which, each class has to choose a theme and decorate the classroom accordingly. Our class chose the topic “struggle” and I wrote about your struggle for education.

Do you know, the night I finished reading your book, I had a dream that I am eating mutton biryani with you! From then, I keepthe book with me while eating biryani.

I would really like to meet you, but I know it’s not possible because of Taliban’s threat to you.

So, which school/college do you go to now?

I go to aksharnandan school. I feel I am lucky to be in this school. Our school is great! And you’ll be happy to know that here, in India we don’t have to struggle for going to school.

You lived in Pakistan earlier, and now live in UK ( I don’t know for sure, I read somewhere). So what difference do you feel in UK’s education system?

Please reply to my letter, tell me more about your new school, friends etc. I have told my friends that I am writing a letter to malala, so I would like to show them your reply. If possible, give your autograph on the letter.



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